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Will drafting is a complex process that is best done with the assistance of a competent lawyer.

There are many variables to consider, depending on the desires of the individual and the nature of the estate. Some variables include provisions for children, whether to use testamentary trusts for children or for other purposes, the appointment of a trustee, personal representative or guardian, how to divide estates involving blended families with children from previous marriages, charitable bequests, and whether the estate is large enough to warrant estate tax planning.

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Community property agreements may eliminate the need for probate on the death of the first spouse.

Attorney Lyle Clark can also prepare powers of attorney and healthcare directives.

Even with a properly drafted will, it may be necessary to probate an estate to clear title to assets such as real estate. If you inherit a house, for example, the mere fact that you have been left the property in a will does not transfer it into your name. Probate provides a process for doing so.

In Washington State, most probates are “nonintervention” in nature, which means that the process is relatively inexpensive compared to other states because the court is not involved in in the settlement of the estate once it has been opened unless there are contested issues.

Lyle Clark is an experienced probate lawyer who can also assist clients in determining whether probate can be avoided.

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